This is a blog to keep me sane. Every film I see. Every day of the year. Some may be accompanied by a sentence, and hell, one or two may have an essay joining them. However, all will be here. Hope you don't mind going along for the ride. It should be one hell of a fun one.

Favorite albums of 2014 so far.

10. Taylor Bennett - “Mainstream Music”

9. Rome Fortune - “Beautiful Pimp 2”

8. CyHi The Prince - “Black Hystori Project”

7. Isaiah Rashad - “Cilvia Demo”¬†

6. Migos - “No Label 2”

5. Mick Jenkins - “The Water[s]”

4. Atmosphere - “Southsiders”

3. The Roots - “And Then You Shoot Your Cousin”

2. Freddie Gibbs - “Pinata”

1. Sean Leon - “Narcissus, The Drowning Of Ego”